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Intelligent Automation: Reflections and Predictions

Posted by James Hall on 09/12/16 06:14

Over the past three years, I have witnessed the rise and rise of Intelligent Automation - with each year building gradually on the past.

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Former Marketing Director at Proxima Group joins as Marketing Director of Genfour

Posted by James Hall on 04/08/16 07:09

Chris Gayner appointed as Marketing Director to support company growth

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Over half of global business leaders embrace robots, and 94% open to a robotic future

Posted by James Hall on 26/07/16 08:55

- Robotic Workforce Research reveals one third of businesses believe the speed of change will be fast, and have imminent plans to automate

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Five Things Robotic Process Automation is Not

Posted by James Hall on 07/07/16 11:22

As robotic process automation continues to grow rapidly, we are seeing some confusion about the key features of RPA software and how it differs from other ‘automation’ tools. So, in order to help dispel some of these myths, here are five things that robotic process automation is not:

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Forrester and the Cognitive Tipping Point

Posted by James Hall on 01/07/16 05:32

Will the robots replace us? A new report released by Forrester predicts a collaborative future for man and the machine.

As the automation market continues to grow, the report, titled The Future Of White-Collar Work: Sharing Your Cubicle With Robots, investigates the role that artificial intelligence will play in white-collar jobs in the future.

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Topics: Artificial Intelligence

Management and the Machine: Staying one step ahead

Posted by James Hall on 22/06/16 04:46

As machine learning hits the vertical part of the exponential curve, what will it take to be an effective executive?

The rise of ‘soft-skills’

There’s no doubt that the workforce will need to reskill in order to adapt to the workplace of the near future, and executive leaders in particular will need to refine one specific skill set: soft skills.

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Topics: Processes

The Automation Journey - Power to the People!

Posted by James Hall on 02/11/15 09:37

To date most of the dialogue on automation has been about how it will impact people’s jobs, but not enough about the enhancements it will bring to the way we work.  The automation landscape will bring agile, intuitive and highly effective automation tools into the hands of those best able to use them to deliver business process.

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Topics: Artificial Intelligence, How to work with robots, Benefits

Robotic Process Automation – In-house skills vs sourced

Posted by James Hall on 23/07/15 06:29

We touched on this briefly on the split between the skills you require in-housed versus what you are able to source in our previous article ‘What’s required to support & deliver Robotic Process Automation’.  

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Topics: Operational requirements, RPA skillset

What's required to support and deliver Robotic Process Automation?

Posted by James Hall on 21/07/15 04:46

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Topics: RPA skillset, How to get started with Automation, Project Management, Implementation

How to maintain agile development & rapidly deploy robotic process automation

Posted by James Hall on 14/07/15 05:25

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Topics: Training, Project Management, Implementation, Challenges

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