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James Hall Shares his Robotic Process Automation Checklist with CIO Review

Posted by Rita Brunk on 22/07/16 07:40

With the workplace becoming increasingly automated, many CIOs have concerns about implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Where will the robots live? Will automation be a threat, or an opportunity?

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The ABC of Robotic Process Automation

Posted by Rita Brunk on 10/06/16 09:22

Genfour is writing The ABC of Robotic Process Automation, for Robotics Tomorrow. The ten-part blog series will answer a series of questions in order to provide an introduction to RPA and AI to business leaders, employees, and anyone with an interest in the rapid progression of automation. Click on the links below to view the series:

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Topics: How to work with robots

To Robotize, or not to Robotize - That is the Question

Posted by Rita Brunk on 03/06/16 10:43

Having deep, well-rounded shared services experience, I tend to chuckle to myself when I meet with peers at other companies whom tell me their back-office is fully automated. That is a great goal to shoot for, but very easy to disprove.

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Topics: How to get started with Automation

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