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Global Robotic Workforce Report Reveals Positive Outlook Towards Automation

Posted by Chris Gayner on 02/08/16 09:52

Genfour’s first Robotic Workforce Research compiled the results of a global survey of business to establish the sentiment surrounding robotics and the journey towards the automated workplace. So, what were the findings?

In summary, some interesting and positive news from industry regarding robotics sentiment – and a lot of observations to be made across sectors, geographies and demographics. Hence this is just part one of a three part blog series to detail the findings of the research, and discuss what this means for the future of robotics.

GSJ0185_-_GenFour_-_OrangeIcon_Robot_Group-2.pngThe Response

Contrary to the negative depiction of automation in recent media, the research revealed that 94 percent of respondents* are open to a robotic future. When asked how quickly businesses will adopt automation, a third of respondents said that they believe the speed of change will be fast, and that they have imminent plans to automate. Further, almost half of respondents believe that 10-30 percent of their businesses are automatable.

So how did our respondents feel about man working with the machine? Over half of respondents said that they embrace automation, and feel that we will progress much further working alongside robots. 43 percent felt that the progression towards an automated workplace is inevitable evolution, and only six percent expressed concern towards a robotic future.

James Hall, Genfour CEO, commented: “These statistics show a very different picture from the negative portrayal of the fear surrounding robots and automation we’ve seen all too often. Business leaders see automation as a way to increase productivity, reduce repetitive and mundane tasks and create efficiencies in the back office.” 

Look out for our next Robotic Workforce Research blog post, where we will compare attitudes towards automation between the UK and US.

We welcome you to download our Robotic Workforce Research infographic here for a summary of the findings.

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*The Respondents
Genfour partnered with 3Gen Research to survey 500 business leaders from across the UK and US, primarily in intermediate or higher managerial positions. The research was conducted across a range of sectors, including business services, finance and banking, manufacturing and retail.

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