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HfS Recognises Genfour as Automation High-Performer in Blueprint Report

Posted by Chris Gayner on 11/11/16 11:30

Genfour endorsed as a high performer in the 2016 Intelligent Automation Blueprint report.

Genfour was delighted to see endorsement from leading analyst authority, HfS Research, recognising it as a high performer in its 2016 Intelligent Automation Blueprint report.


The report, which looks at innovations in service delivery, with a focus on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomics, aims to drive a more holistic understanding of automation and how providers are driving Intelligent Automation (IA) across the traditional business units to advance toward the ‘As-a-Service’ economy. The report is designed to give readers a deeper understanding of Intelligent Automation and its market, also demonstrating how providers are building and positioning capabilities.

Throughout, Genfour is recognised as a pioneer in the field of RPA. This comes at a pivotal time for the company, which has experienced double digit growth year-on-year in demand since 2015, while seeking to double its engineering and development team to meet this accelerated growth.

“We’re honoured to be recognised in the report, but moreso, we’re pleased that the market is recognising Intelligent Automation as a category in itself,” says Genfour CEO James Hall. “For a long time people concentrated too much on the underlying technologies driving automation without examining the processes themselves and the possibilities afforded by automation. With a focus on Intelligent Automation, we’re seeing a real shift to focusing on what people can do once they are free to do more value-adding activities, as well as the levels of improvement we can introduce by using automation to improve the quality of data itself.”

Genfour is credited with the fastest implementations of RPA to date, however, speed is not everything says Hall. “Speed cannot mean a compromise in quality. Today’s automation deployments are expected to deliver a low error rate at the point of implementation into production. Companies are optimising customer benefits and reducing overall development time in parallel. We’re pleased to be recognised as one of a handful of companies who are delivering against these expectations, and we congratulate all others who were also recognised in the report as Intelligent Automation leaders.”

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Genfour - business case for Robotic Process Automation



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