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What do you need from Robotic Process Automation as an Exec?

Posted by James Hall on 22/06/15 05:01

For a business to succeed it needs to remain competitive and profitable.

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Topics: Business case, Operational requirements, Automation opportunities, Benefits

Having problems managing peaks and troughs? RPA can help!

Posted by Hayley Lange on 02/04/15 04:58

Pretty much every operation across every industry has the requirement to work out of hours from time to time. Out of hours work occurs for a number of reasons, including:-

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Topics: Business case, Operational requirements, How to work with robots, Automation opportunities, Operational fixes

Want to get more from the same? Robotic Process Automation is the ultimate value add solution

Posted by Hayley Lange on 19/03/15 08:13

Once you’ve successfully deployed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into your business and achieved significant benefits you are in a position to start looking at the more value add benefits that RPA can bring to your organisation. (See our video - The value add benefits of deploying Robotic Process Automation).

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Topics: Business case, Utilities, Automation opportunities, Operational fixes

How Robotic Process Automation can help you to grow your Utilities operation and remain competitive

Posted by Rich Griffin on 11/12/14 05:25

Over recent years the utilities industry has received its fair share of bad press, increasing volumes of regulatory changes and of course the impacts of our economy. All of these factors are making it increasingly difficult for utility companies to remain competitive. 

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Topics: Business case, Utilities, Automation opportunities

Robotic Process Automation - The opportunities for Utilities operations

Posted by Hayley Lange on 05/11/14 04:40

Robotic process automation (RPA) is hugely attractive to the utilities industry for two key reasons:

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Topics: Business case, Operational requirements, Utilities

Robotic Process Automation - The next cost advantage for HR Operations

Posted by Howard Nelson on 03/09/14 05:25

Like all support services, HR is constantly challenged to justify its total operating costs. Clearly, all non-core activity within any business must prove value, efficiency and market competitiveness. In the past HR has done this through rationalisation of HR activities, process design, strong vendor management and outsourcing non-core HR activity. However, of these levers, it is outsourcing that has promised much in the drive to make operating costs more predictable (through contractual pricing); variable (through activity-based costing) and competitive (by accessing a strong market place).  There is still a debate whether outsourcing has actually delivered the headlined savings and whether it can do so in the future.

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Topics: Business case, HR & Payroll

What would you do with ten times as many resources at a fraction of the cost?

Posted by James Hall on 28/07/14 04:08

What would you do if you had access to twice as many staff at half the cost?

This has been the opportunity presented through offshoring work over the last decade or so. The evidence tells us you’d do the same things you do today, only cheaper. You might also do one or two more things that you weren’t able to do before. However, there are drawbacks. By the time you have installed the additional management structures, added the necessary checking and quality resources and offset the inflation and currency risk there’s not so much to play with. However, according to recent surveys by Horses for Sources, you’ll be left wanting in three key areas:

1) access to more innovation

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Topics: What is Robotic Process Automation?, Business case, Reshoring

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