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I work with Robots

Posted by Hayley Lange on 22/12/14 05:55

Jan Watterson, Andrea Elliott, Team Leaders, and Chris Bone, Agent and RPA controller, from the RAC share their experience of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and what it’s like to work with robots.

Can you please let us know how your journey with RPA began?

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Topics: Operational requirements, Automation in Practise, Client Interviews, I work with robots, How to work with robots, Control room

How to successfully run your Robotic Process Automation control room

Posted by Rich Griffin on 17/12/14 05:58

The control room becomes the eyes and ears of your operation, the team leader of your virtual workforce. See our article The RPA controller becomes the eyes and ears of your operation.

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Topics: Automation in Practise, How to work with robots, How to get started with Automation, Control room

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