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Robotic Process Automation is more than a screen scraping tool

Posted by Simon Jackson on 26/08/15 06:57

Screen scraping comes to the rescue in many business scenarios. It occurs so reguarly that often the only way to retrieve your data is by scraping the user interface (UI) of another app.

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What's required to support and deliver Robotic Process Automation?

Posted by James Hall on 21/07/15 04:46

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Topics: RPA skillset, How to get started with Automation, Project Management, Implementation

How to maintain agile development & rapidly deploy robotic process automation

Posted by James Hall on 14/07/15 05:25

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The RAC share their tips on how to ensure your RPA implementation is successful

Posted by Hayley Lange on 27/01/15 05:39

Spencer Jones, Business Change Manager, from the RAC has successfully deployed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into the RAC operations.

Spencer has already shared with us his RPA journey and the challenges & benefits they've experienced.

In this interview Spencer shares with us the things you need to look out for to ensure your RPA implementation is successful. 

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