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Struggling to plug your system issues gaps? Robotic Process Automation can help!

Posted by Hayley Lange on 18/05/15 11:11

Have you recently moved to a new billing or payments sytems or perhaps a new CRM system that is not quite doing exactly what it said on the box? In reality it is very difficult for any system to perfectly fulfil all of your business requirements, especially in this ever-changing world that we live in. No system can predict the future and know everything that you will need. 

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Topics: Automation opportunities, IT requirements, Benefits, Operational fixes

Speeding Robotic Process Automation through your IT department

Posted by Hayley Lange on 26/11/14 04:48

In a series of interviews Lee Edwards, expert in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), shares with us his experience of deploying RPA programmes. This week we discuss how to speed RPA through your IT department.

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Topics: Industry Interviews, Operational requirements, Automation in Practise, IT requirements

What do you require from your IT team to deploy Robotic Process Automation?

Posted by Andrew Preston on 24/11/14 04:45

With any Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implementation, the initial levels of support from the IT department will be high. As RPA becomes more embedded into the organisation, the support required becomes minimal.

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Topics: Automation in Practise, How to work with robots, How to get started with Automation, IT requirements

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