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Looking to bring your work back inhouse? Automate everything you can!

Posted by James Hall on 25/06/15 04:42

What would I do with ten times as many resources at a fraction of the cost? I’ll wager you can’t think that far. Yes, you’ll have a bucket list of things you want to get done today, but now you need to go much further to generate the ideas to fulfil the potential! In short, you’ll need to innovate.

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Topics: Reshoring, How to get started with Automation, Automation opportunities, Managing a virtual workforce, Benefits, Operational fixes

Can we trust the robots?!

Posted by Richard Denton on 28/05/15 05:43

The single biggest challenge facing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) revolves around trust, or moreover a lack of it. This mistrust exists in all departments that RPA  interacts with, be it IT, Operations,  Finance, Risk, the list goes on. So why does this lack of trust exist and how can we contextualise it to make the idea of robots less scary?

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Topics: Automation in Practise, How to work with robots, How to get started with Automation, Managing a virtual workforce

How to successfully manage a team of robots

Posted by Hayley Lange on 28/11/14 05:14

Becci Lenthall, Sales Administration & Carnet De Passage Operations Manager, at the RAC has successfully deployed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) within her operation. Becci talks to us about what it's like to 'work with robots'.

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Topics: Automation in Practise, Client Interviews, I work with robots, How to work with robots, Managing a virtual workforce

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