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Looking to bring your work back inhouse? Automate everything you can!

Posted by James Hall on 25/06/15 04:42

What would I do with ten times as many resources at a fraction of the cost? I’ll wager you can’t think that far. Yes, you’ll have a bucket list of things you want to get done today, but now you need to go much further to generate the ideas to fulfil the potential! In short, you’ll need to innovate.

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Topics: Reshoring, How to get started with Automation, Automation opportunities, Managing a virtual workforce, Benefits, Operational fixes

What would you do with ten times as many resources at a fraction of the cost?

Posted by James Hall on 28/07/14 04:08

What would you do if you had access to twice as many staff at half the cost?

This has been the opportunity presented through offshoring work over the last decade or so. The evidence tells us you’d do the same things you do today, only cheaper. You might also do one or two more things that you weren’t able to do before. However, there are drawbacks. By the time you have installed the additional management structures, added the necessary checking and quality resources and offset the inflation and currency risk there’s not so much to play with. However, according to recent surveys by Horses for Sources, you’ll be left wanting in three key areas:

1) access to more innovation

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Topics: What is Robotic Process Automation?, Business case, Reshoring

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