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How to maintain agile development & rapidly deploy robotic process automation

Posted by James Hall on 14/07/15 05:25

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Topics: Training, Project Management, Implementation, Challenges

Which developers should I redeploy onto our Robotic Process Automation programme?

Posted by Hayley Lange on 19/11/14 05:52


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Topics: Industry Interviews, RPA skillset, Training, How to work with robots

Robotic Process Automation the overall training challenge

Posted by Andrew Rayner on 17/11/14 04:54

At Genfour we aim to deliver the best possible service when it comes to running a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) programme. We offer expertise in process analysis, operational excellence, automation design and development all the way through to testing and delivery into production, working closely with our clients at each stage of the automation lifecycle.

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Topics: Automation in Practise, Training, How to work with robots, How to get started with Automation

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